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  • Treasure family reunion this festive season
    2018-02-22 13:57

    Let's hope that the economy of this country will pick up after the election and that we all have a bright tomorrow to look forward to.

  • Malaysia not going bankrupt: Najib
    2018-02-22 13:23

    Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak has reiterated that Malaysia would not go bankrupt as it managed to reduce its debt to 50.4 per cent against the self-imposed ceiling of 55 per cent, garnered higher foreign reserves, while works on infrastructure projects are in f ...

  • US presidents lead tributes to Billy Graham
    2018-02-22 12:12

    US presidents from Jimmy Carter to Donald Trump led the chorus of tributes Wednesday to the influential evangelist Billy Graham, a spiritual advisor to a dozen American leaders who has died at age 99.

  • Billy Graham: preacher to millions, adviser to presidents
    2018-02-22 12:10

    Reverend Billy Graham, the influential Southern preacher who became a spiritual advisor to several US presidents and millions of Americans via their television sets, died Wednesday. He was 99.

  • Selangor strives to build more Chinese schools: Azmin
    2018-02-22 11:42

    "The Selangor government strives to identify high-demand strategic locations to build independent high schools for the convenience of students."

  • No-sweat exercise may prolong life for elderly
    2018-02-21 17:02

    A few hours a week of light exercise -- walking the dog, puttering about in the garden -- lower the risk of death in older men, even if workouts are brief, researchers said Tuesday.

  • Play 'fake news tycoon' to combat misinformation
    2018-02-21 15:49

    Trolling, impersonating, demonising: these are just some of the behaviours encouraged in a new online game launching Tuesday in which young players become "fake news tycoons" -- to counter growing misinformation.

  • Babies born in poorest countries still face alarming risks
    2018-02-21 13:57

    Babies born in the world's poorest countries, most of them in Africa, still face "alarming" risks of death that can be 50 times as high as those in the richest countries, according to a UNICEF report released Tuesday.

Let's hope that the economy of this country will pick up after the election and that we...
Perhaps the government should also consider enhancing news transparency and not to allow...
PH's dream of unseating BN is indeed a tall order. Sabah and Sarawak will continue to be...

> The Chinese dilemma

2018-02-13 13:07
We must reconsider how we can shed the dilemma that has haunted us for decades soon after...
Spending time talking to people is the most useful way to learn about a country and its...

> Bigotry at its worse

2018-02-10 09:47
It is amazing how far PAS has fallen from their slogan "PAS for all" ten years ago to the...

> Of pigs and dogs

2018-02-09 13:19
Such presumptions of the offensiveness of dog and pig images have been established wholly...
The government believes the new measure will stimulate the buying interest of investors...

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